Center is a creative space in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Center is a gathering place for creative community and the public studio of Marlee Grace.
Center is an experiment unfolding in time and space. 

Center is currently located in a historic home in Michigan, 45 minutes from the lake, a fresh water ocean if you will 

Center hosts 10 day residency/retreats for artists, small business owners, humans, writers, dancers, weavers, witches, anyone looking for a place to take a pause 

This pause can be in the form of work, rest, play, collaboration, and more 

The residency is facilitated (most of the time) by writer and dancer Marlee Grace.  Sometimes Marlee is traveling for her own work, and then guest facilitators host in the space 

Marlee’s office for creative advising is also in the house - for both in person clients and remote clients! 

Residents receive their own room and studio and have access to four floors of shared space! 

A library! A huge room for dancing! A kitchen! A movie room! A dining room! A backyard! A basement! A bathtub! 

Center is not THE center,
but it is A center. 

Center is definitely not the center
of everything, but it is a center
for anything. 

It is a center for people and art. It is a center for groups and individuals. It is a center for creative conversation and collaboration. 

This is an art center. This is a queer center. This is a center for children and elders, for knitters and poets. This is a movement center, a careful center, a center that is both quiet and loud. This is a center for peaceful, generative creativity and it is a center for radical agitation and questioning