10 day residency stays :

  • May 23-31

  • June 4-13

  • June 18-27

  • July - dates flexible

WHO : 

Open to artists, thinkers, doctors, scientists, writers, weavers, witches, designers, earth people committed to research, agitation, practice, and openness 


Residents are provided their own bedroom in addition to studio space for ten days. Center hosts two residents at a time. Bedrooms and studios are private - but if you as the resident want to invite others into your space by all means! 

The second floor studio is connected to a shared bathroom with a bathtub :) So sometimes other guests in the house might use that in the evening! 


Each resident will have the opportunity to generate income during their visit if they wish - by hosting a public event, selling artwork in the main room gallery and online shop, having a workshop, a house show, engaging in their own one on one sessions, etc 

Residents are also encouraged to DO NOTHING, to rest, to not work. To read one book slowly. You may design this residency however you wish. You can turn reading a book slowly into an art project. 

Residents will receive one on one creative advising sessions with Marlee, as well as have access to an incredible community of healers, other visiting artists and house members, witches, food enthusiasts, Sunday dinner group, and more 

Each resident will be interviewed on Marlee’s podcast CENTERING 



Payment and Scholarships : The residency fee may be made in two payments 

There is also a scholarship fund for folx looking for financial assistance as well as a few sliding scale options, you can note that in your application

If you wish to apply for financial assistance - there is a part for that in the application 

** note and edit : 75% scholarships have been granted already : there are still opportunities for payment plans and sliding scale payment ** 

If you are familiar with the Have Company Residency this would be the closest thing to it! 


SO - as you may have noticed - there are some SPECIFICS to this project. Monetary, time, vibe specifics. THIS IS ALSO AN EXPERIMENT.

CENTER is an experiment in time and space. This is why it was created. So there could be flow and curiosity in the structure. So if you see yourself engaging in a way that is different from the described SPECIFICS : we are open open open. Interested in ways you see yourself collaborating. 

A note on price and accessibility : there are SO many residencies in the world, and this one is priced in specifics to its host, its space, and its resources. 

Many residencies are free, cheap, give stipends, etc - Piney Wood Atlas is our favorite resource for looking into these opportunities 

While we acknowledge that the price of this residency is on the higher end, it is our true belief that what you receive in exchange is well worth the monetary fee for room, board, space, and resources.  If it is also part of your practice to generate income from teaching, selling your work, etc : there are many opportunities to make the fee back during your visit 

If you don’t like this experiment, we encourage you to make your own.