Q : Do I have to be an artist to do this residency? 
A : No no nope 

Q : Is it free to apply? When do I have to pay by?
A : It is free to apply 
A : Upon acceptance a 25% non refundable deposit of the total residency fee is due and the entire amount is due no later than 2 weeks before your arrival 

Q : Can I bring things to sell in the Center online shop? 
A : Residents and Domestic Collaborators : yes - you will be folded into the public fold of CENTER, visiting artists and traveling guests may have an opportunity but it is not promised 

Q : Is there financial aid for anything other than the Center Residents?
A : At this time there is not, if you need to ask for a payment plan you can do so in your application, although we cannot confirm they will be available. We encourage all residents, artists, visitors to apply for grants, ask their own community for support, do an indiegogo, etc - to help fund their stay - as CENTER continues to receive more funding via our Fractured Atlas fiscal sponsorship we hope to see this shift 

Q : Will I become best friends with Marlee? Is hanging out with her required? 
A : Hanging out with me is not required and we might not become friends. Residents are curated in a way that includes my HOPE we will get along and be friendly. I develop different relationships with each resident and go into each with ZERO EXPECTATIONS and ask you to do the same. The relationship is professional and supportive, and many different layers of friendship often emerge from that. 

Some weeks I have a lot of energetic space for socializing and hosting and some weeks I have less. All Center Residents will receive the most attention and support in their practice, but this still doesn’t necessarily mean we will be pals.

ANYWAYS this is my very transparent way of saying : of course, I love friendship : but ask that everyone arrive with expectations only for themselves. 

Q : Why does this residency cost money?
A : Almost the entirety of residency fees go towards space rental of the house. It is my hope that through fiscal sponsorship, grants, and more that the residency may soon have more scholarships and even stipends. But for now this is how it will work! 

While a monetary exchange may feel intimidating, especially as a struggling artist, it was my joy to witness at Have Company so many residents take that leap and have it launch them into their work and career paths in vibrant and transformative ways 

Again, the price of this residency also layers in creative consulting and guidance, SPACIOUSNESS, resources, and more in a way that many others do not 

Q : If I am staying in the house and there is a public event do I have to attend? 
A : No! You are welcome to stay in your room, leave the house (there are many other comfortable off site spaces we can show you, houses and otherwise!) 

Q : Who will be at the house while I am there?
A : We will email you and inform you before your stay who will be present as well as any programming or events that will happen while you are there 

Q : Is there wifi? 
A : Yes 

Q : Can I bring my children? 
A : It is our hope to host families so the immediate answer is yes! With no judgment, only our own capacity for tiny humans, between the ages of 1-3 would maybe not be the best age range to bring a child 

Again, this is a public space, a bustling house -so when applying there is a space to say if you’d like to bring a child - note that there - again deciding which residents and visitors will be here is a large tetris game 

Q : Will there be kids or dogs there while I am visiting? 
A : There might be! You can note if you are not interested in sharing space with dogs and kids 

Q : Can I bring my dog?
A : If it is very nice and doesn’t bark and especially if it is old - you can explain your dog in the application :) We love dogs

Q : Can I bring my partner?
A : Preferably only if they are a collaborator 

Q : Do I have to bring sheets and towels?
A : No 

Q : Is it going to be cold? 
A : Maybe 

Q : Do you still go to the beach every Monday? 
A : Yup