To all applicants : this is a house, and a home, and a public space. This means there could be anywhere between 2-7 other people inhabiting this space at a time. There are often public events, quiet house shows, workshops, gatherings, dinners, etc that occur here. While there are MANY spaces in the house to find quiet and alone time - please make a mental note of this quality of the experiment before applying 



You don’t need to be an artist or a creative person to apply - that language may appear but please let it be clearly known ANY person working or not working in ANY FIELD or profession or practice is ENCOURAGED to apply

Everything is changeable, rearrangeable, moveable. The space is designed so that it can support your practice and we can rearrange things when you arrive to do this. 

Residents and Domestic Collaborators are public guests of this project : their work and experience may be documented and shared.

Examples of Projects / Workshops and Residents 

This residency is for everyone. Even if / especially if you have no experience teaching or hosting a public event. Residents and Domestic Collaborators are encouraged to host at least one public event each, while visiting artists and traveling guests may suggest an event in their application but it is not required of their stay / guaranteed CENTER will be able to host the event.

ALAS - the ideas are endless and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

Things you might work on during your stay and / or present to the community : 

  • Quilts, Weavings, Rugs, Textiles design 

  • Powerpoint Presentation / Artist Talk 

  • Teach a workshop in how to create something 

  • Host a circle : new moon / full moon / sharing circle 

  • Clothing swap, mending night 

  • A dinner, a food workshop (kitchen is so big and fun!) 

  • Activities in the giant backyard 

  • Make a newspaper or do an interview project 

  • Take naps tell us how they went 

  • Research! The closest library is a 25 min walk away 

  • Have a show and share your songs, dances, performances

  • Use the main floor common area or residency studio for dancing 

  • Practice or teach yoga 

I grew up in the community and am lucky to have so many relationships and resources : no request or idea is too strange! We’ll do our best to accommodate you and your practice in any way

We also have a sister property a half a mile away (with a painting studio!) where residents can easily find other co-creators, new friends, and more space to spread out a project or idea