• All common space : where all artists, residents, and visitors are encouraged to spend time. A large common room for coworking, dancing, events, and more

  • A zine and resource library 

  • Kitchen and eating area with stools at the counter for your breakfast 

  • Lounge for sitting on couch and staring out window 

  • Half bathroom 


  • 2 Center Residency Bedrooms 

  • Center Residency Studio connected to bathroom with bath tub :) 

When Center Residency Studio is not in use by a resident it functions as : Visiting Artist / Guests / Shared Bedroom that includes a large closet for guests and residents, a bathtub and shower everyone has access to, one twin bed 


Marlee’s bedroom / space


  • Laundry

  • House Caretaker/Domestic Collaborator bedroom and studio 


There is a very large backyard which is often filled with snow during winter/early spring


A 20 min walk to the grocery store and a small inland lake


  • Dinner is cooked every Sunday 

  • Basics will be provided but plan to do a shopping trip when you arrive 


  • Marlee, the residency facilitator - does not drink 

  • There may be other sober folks around 

  • Some people might smoke pot on the deck 

This is not a place to get fucked up and if you bring that energy into spaces this is not a space for you 

This is a space to ask questions and make sure everyone around you including yourself feels safe 


There are really so many other surprises and people and resources in store for you here. It’s hard to explain how special this house is, the people who own it, the people already planning to visit - it’s magic.  


Grand Rapids, MI 

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in the state of Michigan with aprox 188,000 residents. This is the traditional territory of Peoria, the area is home to the Ottawa, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi Tribes 

The house is specifically in East Grand Rapids, which is its own separate village and a 20 minute walk from the inland Reed’s Lake 

The house is 20 min from the Gerald R Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, 40 minutes from Lake Michigan 

The address is not public 

Everyone is responsible for their own transportation - you can take a Lyft from the airport to the house, sometimes a pickup is possible! 

DRIVE TIMES : 3 hrs from Chicago, 2 hours from Ann Arbor, 6 hours from Pittsburgh, 10.5 hrs from Hudson, NY, 8 hrs from Nashville, 11.5 hours from New York City - and airplane rides from the West Coast